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How to do a multiple gap cloze type question using the quiz template?

What you are asking for is not an existing feature. That being said, you can get creative as a teacher with how to use a multiple choice quiz format to achieve what you want.

For example:
1. Create your sentences in a short paragraph form with each missing word assigned a number that corresponds to the multiple choice question (with 3-4 multiple choice answers). The short paragraph can be an image that is shown in the question. Note: images can be hosted but to be delivered but required specific image HTML coding to show.

A. did
B. was looking
C. do
D. is


2. Create the same sentence you showed as a multiple choice question with the multiple choice responses being 2 or more words such as
A. did / was looking
B. was looking / did
C. do / is looking
D. is looking / do

1. When I _______ the exercise I _____ at the pictures
A. did / was looking
B. was looking / did
C. do / is looking
D. is looking / do

I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, on the login screen go to “Forgot Password” to enter in your username or your user email.


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